Author:Jasmine Morgan

Ni Hao from China

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I was asked to go on my first international business trip for Caudo Vineyard. I dusted off my passport and packed my bags for a 20 day adventure to the world's most populated country- China! There is a growing market for Australian wine in China and increasing numbers of Chinese tourists through the cellar door. My objective was to learn as much as I could to better understand their culture to ultimately create a better relationship and business with China. With very little experience or knowledge of China, I was simply told to go there with an open mind and pack my "drinking boots". Zac Caudo (Caudo Vineyard Director), James Wuu (Lannister Director) and I travelled more than 18,000 kilometres. Our Lannister tasting tour took...

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Wine wizardry

I’m on a wine journey and every week I am uncorking something new and exciting to try. I get asked a number of times by friends and family, “Is this a good wine?” I’m no sommelier but there’s nothing I love more than a really good quality wine. But what makes a wine good? Well here’s what I do know- it’s completely up to you and your own interpretation. Aroma is one of three steps to assessing and interpreting wine. “Hints of strawberry, plum and blackberries” - these aren’t just marketing ploys, they are aroma compounds commonly found in wine. These compounds include esters, methoxypyrazines, monoterpenes and thiols. It gets pretty scientific but essentially they are the reason why you can identify the smell of other fruits, flowers or herbs in...

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