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New Website Launch

New Website!

One of the most exciting things to happen this year so far, was the launch of our brand new and improved website! From now on, you’ll be able to hop onto and get answers to all of your burning enquiries and to keep up to date with our instagram and our blog!  On the new website you can also click direct links that will take you straight to our facebook page, instagram page, email address and phone number! You will also catch a glimpse at a bunch of different beautiful photographs that showcase our breathtaking venue scattered throughout the website. 

This page will give you an in-depth look into the history of Caudo Vineyard, and how we got to be the beautiful venue we are today. Take a little stroll back in time and learn little snippets of information about the property many years ago. You will also learn about the wildlife around, and how we do what we can to preserve nature around us. Learn about our winemaking technique and a couple of fun facts about our logos!

Here, you can view our entire menu exactly as you would here in the Cellar Door, to help you decide what you will order on your visit! Photographs of the food, with detailed descriptions, and prices are all listed here for your planning pleasure! On this page, is a section were you can also book in and make a reservation with us!

The Cellar Door page allows you to understand just what you will experience when you visit us! From the help of our friendly and knowledgable staff guiding you through your drinking and dining experience, to how to access the Cellar Door via river and road! You will also be excited to learn on this page, that we are the ONLY Cellar Door in Australia, that you can access via a boat!

The Store page of our website categorises all of our products into wine, spirits, sangria, and merchandise. So for your convenience, you can shop all of our products from home just incase you are far away, or can’t make it in to see us! Every product is accompanied with a photograph, and the same price that it retails for in the Cellar Door! 

The blog page is where you are now! Here, you can keep up to date with whats coming up here at the Cellar Door, and get a recap of the last month accompanied by a couple of photographs that sum up the contents of the post! 

Here you can find FAQ’s and read guest testimonials! You can also submit another enquiry to us directly from this page to our email address, AND find out where and how to contact us for any further questions! Also, at the bottom of this page, is our address and a map to help you figure out how to find us here at the Cellar Door! 

We hope this new website is a useful and handy tool for you guys to use, and The Caudo Vineyard team looks forward to using it to connect us to you! 

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Regretfully due to the damage we received to our grounds and buildings from the 2022 River Murray floods, our Cellar door is now PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

But don’t be dismayed….

You can still get your favourite Caudo products in our online store!