logo-foodbankFoodbank Australia collects unsaleable, surplus and donated food and grocery products from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the public and distributes them to over 2,500 charities and community groups around Australia. The food goes to hostels, shelters, drop-in centres, school breakfast programs, home hampers and emergency relief packages for people in need.

After months of hard work, we have finally completed setting up our orange packing facility. As we were unable to sell our oranges for a reasonable price, Caudo Vineyard is donating its entire 65-ton crop of navels to Foodbank SA to help families in need and children that go to school without lunch each day. At the current market price this is equivalent to $65,000 dollars of fruit, not including labour, transport and set up costs. A lot of time and effort has gone into this project.



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