Morphettville Races

Caudo Vineyard has been making a splash around South Australia in 2019 and 2020! Not only do we have a beautiful nook on the Murray River that we love to share with the rest of the world, but in the last 12 months, Caudo Products have been thrown “Track Side” at Morphettville Race Course!

Here we have taken our wine flavours and the fun taste and vibe of our Sangria to experience the best of the horse races. And we have the photos to prove it!


It’s early morning on a Saturday at Morphettville Racecourse. The sun is out and the grass is still dewy, waiting for the ladies and gentleman to walk through the gates dressed in their best by the time the clock strikes midday! There’s no time to waste when you have the opportunity to be in your favourite suits and bright coloured, flowing cocktail dresses all day long! Attire that is usually saved for much later in the evening.

For many of us, the horse races are exciting! Placing bets and cheering on your crazy uncles “hot tip” horse, fists pumping the air as the beasts cross the finish line. It’s a thrill. BUT looking and feeling great, laughing with friends, being outside with a drink in your hand, while you immerse yourself in the atmosphere is really what it is all about!


2019 saw something different about Morphettville’s Spring Carnival Season. LUCKYS BEACH CLUB was launched on the Champagne lawns at the finish line, creating a completely new vibe and buzz for such a traditional sport.

Lucky’s Beach Club was an irresistible blend of the Bahamas, The Hamptons, and a splash of CAUDO VINEYARD! It consisted of; white decking surrounded by lush green grass and tropical plants, bright white beach sand, lawn and sand games, boho swing chairs and seating, large white booths with a view of the track, an open air bar and a DJ. It was the brand new HOT SPOT in Adelaide. Each year Spring Carnival consists of “festival style” event days including Derby Day, Caufield Cup, The Cox Plate and the grand finale – Melbourne Cup! Needless to say, Lucky’s Beach Club was booked out for the entire season.


We know what you’re thinking…. What a better place to introduce South Australia to our brand new Sangria range!!

We live in a world where everything couldn’t be more connected, and everyone always wants something new…. This is exactly what we delivered!!

There was a devastation in the air with our much loved 8.5% alcohol Sangria running out of stock. HOWEVER….our new Sangria was ready to make waves just in time for the hot Aussie months!

Where we used to have two sangrias, we now had FOUR! And brand new flavours! The bright and exciting Sangria not only looked great in their eye catching colours, but their taste and easy drinking was a huge hit amongst both the men, and especially the ladies at the race course!!

Bubbly Purples and Pink liquids to match their outfits was a high excitement, before putting the refreshment to their lips and being delighted with the taste! A drink they could enjoy until sundown.

The refreshing Caudo Lifestyles Wine Range was also being served. This included the Rose, Verdelho, and Tempranillo. The ‘something completely different’ labelling was a perfect match for its surroundings, and a quality wine that could be enjoyed by all. Something we pride ourselves on.


Now as many know, we are not known to do things by halves. SO in true Caudo Vineyard fashion we decided to embrace the RACES as much as we could! Proud to be apart of the famous Aussie icon tradition, Caudo sponsored the 12pm race on both Derby Day and Melbourne Cup! Rugs and Vests were made for the race horses and their trainers with our colourful designs and looked fantastic being paraded around the grounds.


With the great success Lucky’s received for the spring carnival, the fun and vibrant location continued to grow in popularity over the summer months.

Every guest received a sangria on arrival at the Twilight Races held just before Christmas. It was a smokey and humbling affair as the country was seeing some fierce fires across the land, but the show went on as people made an effort to keep spirits high, with that heightened sense of community that always comes when faced with disaster.

The Rosè Festival in February was a delight and our Royaltea Blueberry Rosè was made famous on the day for again…. “being something completely different” !Ministry Of Sound pumped out the best of its beats as our DJ boner helped mix tunes at the DJ booth! And the New Years Eve party brought in 3000 people to celebrate, with Sangria’s a-flowing.

Adelaide Cup topped off our Horse Racing experience, the largest SA event at the race course. 15,000 people, high vibes and excitement fills the grounds by 10am, and the van rolled in to feature as the bar in in the “carnival” area below the ferris wheel and next to the dance floor.


We’d Like to say Thank you to SAJC for your collaboration of all the great things achieved over the last six months, and everyone who has enjoyed the events, our drinks, and what we have to offer. We make this for you!

As an unexpected isolation period hits the globe due to the COVID-19, the vines loose their coloured leaves for a sleepy winter. We have nothing left to do but relax and start to plan for the re-opening of events for spring. We know everyone will need it by then 😀

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Regretfully due to the damage we received to our grounds and buildings from the 2022 River Murray floods, our Cellar door is now PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

But don’t be dismayed….

You can still get your favourite Caudo products in our online store!