Spectacular September

It has been a spectacular September here at our cellar door. It has now been over 2 months since we expanded our Sunday trading hours to serve Brunch by the Murray. This menu has settled very well amongst our patrons and the staff always love being able to introduce our customers with something new and fresh. This was a popular Father’s Day outing. Families either treated their Dad’s to pancakes and mimosa’s in the morning or woodfired pizzas and beers in the afternoon.

With then team at Caudo vineyard always eager to bring in new and exciting elements to our cellar door, we were over the moon with our new addition to our clothing selection. Many people recognize Caudo’s from seeing our mascot, a Skelton character named Boner, who features on our merchandise. He sprouted from the Spanish culture that surrounds drinking sangrias. Spain holds an annual holiday on the 2nd of November, known as ‘Day of the Dead’. This is a celebration of life, where family and friends welcome back souls of their deceased relatives, through celebration, food, and drink, with sangrias being a popular beverage enjoyed on this day, Unique skeleton decorations are displayed and often families use face paint and costume to dress as skeletons.

We wanted our new hoodies to not only be comfortable and cozy, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give boner a new best friend. We have introduced the newest member of our family, a skeleton dog, who exhibits alongside boner on our new cozy hoodies.

And of course, we needed a name for Boner’s right-hand man.  We thought what better way to come up with a name than a competition amongst our patrons. We uploaded a Facebook post announcing the concept, whoever comes up with the best name for the dog, would win 2 bottles of our 750ml White Sangria, a cooler bag, and a Sangria cap. It was awesome to see so many people get involved and comment on such cool and unique names. We were pleased to announce Lee Gatley as the winner and to officially call Boner’s new pet, Ribs.

Here’s to a successful September, that brought exciting beginnings to our cellar door and to more happy events as were accelerate through to the warmer months. 

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Regretfully due to the damage we received to our grounds and buildings from the 2022 River Murray floods, our Cellar door is now PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

But don’t be dismayed….

You can still get your favourite Caudo products in our online store!